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  • On NPP and RES dispatch limitations during Easter holidays on 18-20 April 2020

    During Easter holidays, on 18-20 April 2020, the average daily power consumption in the IPS of Ukraine, in comparison with weekdays, decreased by 13% (from 387 mln kW·h to 337 mln kW·h).  This is a typical pattern for similar holiday periods in previous years.

    At the same time, WPP and SPP electricity production in this period amounted at average to 28 mln kW·h/day. This amount has doubled comparing to the similar period of the previous year (7.6-12.8 mln kW·h/day).

    At peak hours on Easter holidays this year, the total capacity of WPP and SPP production amounted to 2.3-2.7GW, while in previous years, it did not exceed 1.4 GW.

    Having forecast this situation, NPC Ukrenergo, on 17 April, gave a dispatch order to limit total loading at nuclear power plants (NPPs) by 1200 MW during holidays. On Sunday, 19 April, in order to balance RES capacity from 13:15 until 14:10 (over 2 GW) under further decrease of consumption, Ukrenergo’s dispatchers had to take the following measures:

    • all proposals of producers in the balancing market were used
    • from 8:00 and almost until 17:00 to increase demand capacity, PSPPs were operating in the pumping mode that is not typical for this time of the day
    • TPPs were operating at the technologically acceptable minimum
    • as an additional balancing means, RES production was limited by total capacity of 380 MW.

    It is worth noting that on Easter, on 19 April, the total NPP production amounted to almost 201 mln kW·h that is more than on Easter in the previous two years (28 April 2019 – 199 mln kW·h; 8 April 2018 – 166.5 mln kW·h).

    On Monday, 20 April, the total NPP base loading remained at 8 GW due to low demand indicators (330.5 mlnkW·h comparing to 367 mln kW·h on 17 April).

    Please note that all dispatch orders of NPC Ukrenergo are aimed at ensuring operational safety of the IPS of Ukraine. In accordance with the Transmission Network Code, ensuring operational safety is the highest priority for the transmission system operator and users of the transmission/distribution networks.


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