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    Ukrenergo is an open and transparent company operating in accordance with Ukrainian law and rules and requirements of our international partners.

    The Company’s economic and technical policy is aimed at efficient use of human and production potential, enhancing energy security, development of innovative processes and maintaining the Company’s financial strength.

    Our course is the utmost transparency. All public information and indicators of various aspects of our activity are disclosed, in great detail and in a comprehensible form, in the Company’s financial, economic, auditor’s and technical reports regularly published on our website.

    In addition, every year we issue an annual presentation report offering consolidated information regarding the Company’s activity and performance results.

    Management report

    NPC Ukrenergo Management Board’s Annual Report provides information on the financial and economic status of the Company and the achievement of strategic objectives, specifically the objectives pertinent to the electricity market development. The Report was approved by the Supervisory Board and provides an opportunity to evaluate the performance of NPC Ukrenergo Management Board in 2019 and the Company’s development prospects.