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    To improve effectiveness of investments and enhance construction controls, we have engaged the influential international civic organizations Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) Ukraine and Transparency International Ukraine.

    A memorandum on cooperation between NPC Ukrenergo, the National Secretariat of CoST Initiative and Transparency International Ukraine was signed on 27 October 2016. CoST Initiative’s administrative body is the Consultative and Supervisory Group, an independent multilateral group of partners established to coordinate and monitor the implementation of CoST Initiative in Ukraine.

    One of the members of CoST Consultative and Supervisory Group is an Ukrenergo representative: Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Director for Investments and Strategy.

    CoST Initiative envisages disclosure of all required information regarding construction projects for verification by CoST Initiative’s independent experts. For the purpose of public control over effectiveness of spending, this information is also published in open sources.

    Presently, the CoST Initiative program encompasses the Company’s following projects:

    The scope of cooperation may be expanded in the future, based on the results of pilot projects.