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    Ukrenergo is a certified transmission system operator synchronously interconnected with ENTSO-E Continental Europe, holding leading positions among Eastern European TSOs in terms of reliability, effectiveness, energy security level, efficiency and technological development. Ukrenergo will serve as a platform for implementation of new technologies in the power sector (smart grid, demand response, V2G etc.).


    Create conditions for the sustainable development of the Ukrainian economy by ensuring the functioning of a competitive, liberal and transparent electricity market, single with EU countries, and providing equal opportunities to all market participants, including renewable energy sources regarding unrestricted continuous access to the transmission system.

    Strategic goals for the next 10 years

    • Ensure long-term reliable operation and development of the transmission system
    • Create conditions for interconnection of the Ukrainian electricity market with the European electricity market and integration of the IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E
    • Ensure stable and balanced operation of the IPS of Ukraine
    • Minimize the cost of company services  in the long run
    • Reduce the price of electricity transmission for consumers by investing in infrastructure development, improving management efficiency, optimizing the use of funds


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