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  • Director for Market Operations

    Responsible for the functioning of the balancing market and the ancillary services market, organisation of capacity allocation auctions, purchase of electricity to compensate for grid losses, as well as research and development function. The scope of responsibility of the Director for Market Operations also includes promotion of transparency and competition in the electricity market of Ukraine.

    Mykyta Vyshnevskyi was involved in drafting the legal framework for the market – Market Rules, Transmission Network Code, etc., as well as technical policy for ancillary services, software implementation, calculations of power modes, power system modelling, integration of the IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E, expert evaluation of design estimates for the construction and rehabilitation of HPPs, NPPs, TPPs/PSPPs as regards compliance with the requirements for calculations and modelling of electric power modes.

    He was involved in international projects Interconnection of UA/MD Power Systems to Continental Europe Power System, Black Sea Transmission System Planning, and working groups Congestion Management and Market Integration of RG SEE under the Market Committee and Ukraine/Moldova PROJECT GROUP.

    In 2017-2019, he headed the Department of Electricity Market Development at Ukrenergo, was directly involved in the implementation of the model of the new electricity market in Ukraine, launched on July 1, 2019.

    He holds two degrees from the Zaporizhzhya National Technical University – in Electrotechnical Systems of Electricity Consumption, and Finance. He is now studying for an MBA at Kyiv School of Economics.


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    Director for Market Operations