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  • Director for Grid Operation and Development

    Responsible for operation and maintenance of trunk power grids of Ukrenergo as well as the preparation of short-term and long-term grid development plans. Besides, COO is responsible for the inspectorate’s work related to the power stations and grid operation.

    Before the appointment as COO, Oleksii Brekht headed “Scientific and research center for development of the IPS of Ukraine,” the main standardization authority within the energy sector, aimed at preparing and approving grid development plans for the whole power system of Ukraine, taking into account modern tendencies to ensure the operation stability and reliability. Under the leadership of Oleksii Brekht, “Scientific and Research Center” of the IPS of Ukraine has become a powerful expert platform for the issues of transmission system development strategies, generation adequacy assessment and national plans to reduce emissions.

    From 2011 to 2016, he worked at Ukrenergo and was responsible for directions of prospective development, EU-integration and technical policy. Oleksii Brekht systematized and improved the Ukrainian power system grid development processes as well as the policy on electrical installations connection to the Ukrenergo grid. He was the first person to organize and implement the Ukrenergo technical policy.

    A sound experience was obtained while holding a position of the Head of Ukrenergo Central power system prospective development service where Oleksii Brekht dealt with the planning and development of the main grid and connection of electrical installations to power grids.

    Oleksii Brekht gained a valuable experience at the Central energy system while dealing with generation dispatch management aimed to ensure the balance in the system. He worked there as a dispatcher on duty, Senior Dispatcher and the Head of Dispatch Service.

    Oleksii Brekht started his professional career in 1999, when he held various positions, starting from a machine operator on duty to Kyivska HPSPP shift supervisor.

    He obtained a higher engineering degree in the specialty of “Power stations” at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.


    Oleksii Brekht

    Director for Grid Operation and Development