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  • Chief Operation Officer

    Responsible for the centralized operational and technical management of Ukraine’s IPS while ensuring reliable simultaneous operation of power plants in Ukraine’s IPS, coordinating harmonized functioning of Ukraine’s IPS with power systems of CIS and Baltic States and with ENTSO-E ensuring reliable and uninterruptible transmission of electricity to power suppliers via the trunk power grid of Ukraine’s IPS, and for compliance with Ukraine’s energy security requirements.

    The scope of Vitalii Zaichenko’s responsibility also includes planning of balances and operation regimes of Ukraine’s IPS and interaction with SE Energorynok on these matters.

    Vitalii Zaichenko has experience of working as the head of Ukrenergo’s dispatch control department at various times, which means in various conditions of IPS’s operation, influenced by the economic situation in Ukraine and provision with primary energy resources.

    Vitalii Zaichenko began his career growth as a qualified specialist and expert in operations management back in 1996 as an engineer at Ukrenergo’s electrical regime optimization section. He actively participated in the research project of creating the Burshtynska TPP “Island” and exploring the possibility of synchronous unification of CIS and Baltic States’ power grids with ENTSO-E.

    A graduate of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Electrical Stations.

    заченко веб

    Vitalii Zaichenko

    Chief Operation Officer