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  • Budivnytstvo i Remont

    Central office: 

    • 27, Symona Petliury st., Shevchenkivsyi district, Kyiv, 01032
    • Tel.: +38 (044) 249-16-47

    Taras Rymar  – director,

    Volodymyr Voitenko – development director,

    Andriy Shuvar – operational

    Mykola Bielkin – chief

    PE “Budivnytstvo i Remont” is a new subdivision at Ukrenergo, which was created in December 2019 to fulfill the strategic goals of the Company to ensure the reliability and development of the transmission network.

    Separate subdivision “Budivnytstvo i Remont” was created on the basis of PE “Vinnytsiaelectrotechnology”. This allowed to preserve and develop the production and training base of “VET” with its extensive experience in engineering, unique developments and technologies created over the years, as well as to continue the implementation of live work.

    It should be noted that in the past “Vinnytsiaelectrotechnology” was one of the two main centres of the Soviet Union for live work. Nowadays, Ukrenergo is practically the only enterprise in Ukraine that performs such work.

    The main tasks of PE “Budivnytstvo i Remont” are as follows:

    • provision of repair function (it is separated from equipment operation functions);
    • power equipment repairing by highly qualified repair personnel transferred from repair units of power systems;
    • implementation of projects of the Investment programme by own personnel;
    • organization of production of special equipment and rubber products for repairing;
    • introduction of new technologies in the organization of works, including live work.Optimization of processes at PE “Budivnytstvo i Remont” will allow to increase the level of quality of repairing, equipment and introduction of new equipment. Thus, operating specialists will be able to focus on operational issues of power equipment operation and dispatching. Coordinated work of power system specialists, the central office of the Company and PE “Budivnytstvo i Remont” will ensure reliable operation of the transmission network.This subdivision is formed of highly qualified engineering, line and substation specialists of Ukrenergo power systems, who know their equipment and the way to repair it. Their task is to ensure high-quality and timely performance of electrical equipment. The staff will be provided with decent work and will have the opportunity to develop their professional skills.

      There are four construction and repairing centres at PE “Budivnytstvo i Remont” (westernsouthernnorthern, and central), the structural subdivisions of which are located in all regions of Ukraine.

      Production and training centre of Vinnytsiaelectrotechnology continues to develop the main areas of activity:

    • training in the training unit for employees of customer companies;
    • introducing distance learning for personnel;
    • developing technologies and devices, normative and technical documentation, as well as means of protection and mechanization for repairing of 0.4 – 750 kV electrical networks, including live working;
    • manufacturing equipment for repair and maintenance in electrical networks to meet the needs of power systems for equipment and spare parts.