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    Head Office:

    • 27 Symona Petliury Street, Kyiv, 01032
    • Tel.: +380 44 249-13-27, +380 44 289-97-79
    • E-mail:

    Director – Oleg Borodiy

    • Tel.: +380 44 249 17 73


    Purpose of activity

    The purpose of Ukrenergoservis is to increase the effectiveness of managing the organization of prethreshold and public procurement and conclusion of agreements in SE NPC Ukrenergo, ensure material and technical provision of appropriate working conditions, collect, control, correct and process technical, economic and cost indicators of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine.

    Areas of activity

    1. Services for SE NPC Ukrenergo’s headquarters and its separated subdivisions:

    – ensuring open and transparent process of procurement of goods, works and services;

    – arranging the holding and maintenance of procurement for the needs of separated subdivisions and headquarters of SE NPC Ukrenergo by Regional procurement centers;

    – concluding and maintaining agreements;

    – performing customs clearance of the equipment supplied in accordance with contracts;

    – arranging measures for selling recyclable raw materials and scrap metal;

    – coordinating the alienation of motor vehicles of SE NPC Ukrenergo;

    – providing motor vehicles for production and commercial activities of SE NPC Ukrenergo;

    – coordinating the use of fuel and lubricants;

    – performing oversight, operation, reconstruction, overhauls and ongoing renovations of facilities, engineering networks, buildings and premises;

    – overseeing the conformity of buildings, structures and premises with occupational and fire safety requirements;

    – ensuring compulsory insurance of civil responsibility of owners of motor vehicles;

    – organizing SE NPC Ukrenergo’s participation in industry’s trade fairs;

    – organizing and holding official business and ceremonial events;

    – providing material resources, economic inventory, stationery goods, etc.

    – maintaining computer facilities and own means of communication.

    2. Services for SE NPC Ukrenergo, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and other legal entities and individuals:

    – ensuring the continuous availability of the reserve energy supply point of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine;

    – organizing public catering;

    – providing conference services;

    – a wide range of printing services;

    – preparing “Bulletin of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine”;

    – maintaining electronic telephone directories of the fuel and energy complex.

    (Free demo access to website is available during one month; afterwards, you can have unlimited access to the website for a fee. Fax your order to: (044) 289-97-79. For inquiries: (044) 249-12-45.

    3. Services for the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine:

    – maintaining and providing content on the Ministry’s website;

    – updating, correcting and supplementing databases of DS and DS_KM2 directory systems.