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    Head office:

    Ukraine, 04112 Kyiv,

    vul. Dorohozhytska 11/8

    Tel/fax: +380 44 206-73-91, 239-40-15

    Acting Executive Director Anatolii Khodakivskyi Tel: +380 (44) 206-73-60 +380 (44) 206-73-99

    Director for Development of Ukraine’s UES Serhii Korniush Tel: +380 (44) 205-49-05

    Director for Design and Survey Yurii Pryvalov Tel: +380 (95) 280-48-14

    [acc_item title=”Purpose and main areas of activity“]

    The purpose of Research and Design Center for Development of the Unified Energy System of Ukraine is to create and implement advanced research and development, design and survey, regulatory, technical and technological foundation for the functioning of Ukraine’s UES to ensure its consistent and sustainable development with further integration into the European continental energy system ЕNTSO -Е.

    Main areas of activity:

    – developing, launching and ensuring implementation of a single technical policy on the functioning and development of Ukraine’s UES, including electricity production, transmission, distribution, supply and/or consumption matters;

    – participating in development of draft legislative and other regulatory acts concerning development of Ukraine’s UES;

    – facilitating performance of functions of the main organization for standardization in electricity sector: development, revision and organization of adoption and approval of regulatory technical documentation for electricity sector, harmonized with European regulatory documents, Ukrainian law, state norms and standards, recommendations of the International Electrotechnical Commission, etc.;

    – performing functions of the chief designer of Ukraine’s UES, including organization of design work for Ukrenergo NEC SE’s projects featuring modernization and reconstruction of existing and construction of new facilities for main and interstate electricity networks, designer’s and technical supervision of implementation of these projects;

    – participating in development of a concept for development of Ukraine’s electricity sector, Ukraine’s energy strategy, Ukrenergo NEC development strategy, and other relevant documents in electricity sector;

    – developing schemes/plans/programs for development of Ukraine’s UES and electrical grids (particular energy districts and energy units);

    – organizing and performing research and development work at Ukrenergo NEC SE to improve effectiveness and facilitate development of Ukraine’s UES, and other areas of activity according to the Regulation.