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    Head office:

    Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea,

    95000 Simferopol, vul. Krymskoi Pravdy 8

    Tel: 380 652 48-55-02, 48-59-66, 48-57-66

    Tel/fax: 380 652 48-55-02, 59-15-07


    Pivdenenergoprom is a detached subdivision of Ukrenergo NEC SE responsible for development, manufacture and supply of special-purpose products for Ukrenergo’s electrical grids and other enterprises of energy sector.

    [acc_item title=”Purpose and areas of activity“]

    Areas of activity:

    – manufacturing metal structures for reinforced-concrete pylons of overhead power transmission lines;

    – manufacturing metal structures for radio relay and radio communication towers;

    – manufacturing broad range of control boxes, electricity metering boxes, manual circuit breaker boxes (35-150 kV) and 220-330 kV mechanical drives with reed switches;

    – developing and manufacturing special tools, implements and equipment helping improve labor quality and productivity during repair works on power transmission lines and electrical substations;

    – manufacturing equipment for clearing of security areas around overhead power transmission lines, mounted on MTZ-80(82) and Т-150-K tractors;

    – manufacturing spare parts for lattice pylons of overhead power transmission lines and for substation equipment.

    Pivdenenergoprom has implemented new technologies for anticorrosion protection of metal structures and products using zinc-containing paints (“cold” galvanizing) and powder paints.

    Pivdenenergoprom’s subdivisions include sections for development of design and technological documentation required for manufacture of new metal structures, products and equipment for electrical grids.

    Quality assurance:

    – input control of materials and components;

    – controlling the state of technological equipment and performance of technological operations;

    – conducting required product tests (regular, acceptance, certification) at the accredited center National Academy of Environmental Protection and Resort Construction;

    – cooperation on product certification with Krymstandardmetrology SE.


    Information regarding Pivdenenergoprom’s activity is unavailable, because it is located in the temporarily occupied area.