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  • Donbaska PS

    Donbaska Power System (PS) is responsible for centralized electricity supply in parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.


    Acting Director Volodymyr Kozyrev
    First Deputy Director – Chief Dispatcher Vadym Yakovenko
    Chief Engineer – First Deputy Director Dmytro Rudenko

    Detached subdivisions

    Chaikino Trunk Power Grids Tel: +380 62 382-60-14

    Luhansk Trunk Power Grids


    84500 Donetsk Oblast, Bakhmut, vul. Patrisa Lumumby 97

    Tel: +380 642 52-23-61


    Information regarding the composition of trunk power grids, electricity generation and consumption volumes for Donbaska PS is unavailable, because some of the PS’s facilities are located in the areas temporarily uncontrolled by Ukraine.