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    Environmental management


    The rational use of natural resources, reduction of environmental impact and environmental safety constitute the basis of Ukrenergo’s environmental management. These components form an effective model of the company’s environmental management.

    Compliance with environmental legislation

    Ukrenergo strictly adheres to environmental legislation and permitting conditions (for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, special water use, waste management, etc.). In accordance with the conditions of environmental permits, we control the quality of water and air, handle waste properly and preserve biodiversity.

    Compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015

    The environmental management system in Ukrenergo is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidelines for use.” Ukrenergo has successfully passed recertification and supervisory audits, as evidenced by Certificate No. 472126 UM15.


    Ukrenergo is an active member of the Committee on Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development of the European Business Association, the International Partnership “Green Business” and the Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine (PAEU).

    Partnership with environmental Ukrainian and international organisations allows the company to respond quickly to environmental challenges and implement sustainable projects to preserve the environment.

    Project monitoring

    Ukrenergo monitors the environment at all stages of the modernisation of facilities. Thus, the company implements the world’s best practices in environmental protection and meets the requirements of national legislation regarding construction and reconstruction.

    Post-project monitoring

    Post-project monitoring is performed in compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Impact Assessment.” Within the frames of the environmental monitoring, the company participates in the conservation of biodiversity, protects the atmosphere, water resources and soils.

    Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP)

    Before implementing any project, Ukrenergo studies in detail the potential impact of its activities on the community and the environment, assesses social and environmental risks. To prevent the impact, the company develops and implements special Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs).

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