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    The basis of Ukrenergo’s environmental management is the rational use of natural resources, reduction of environmental impactб and environmental safety of the company’s activities. These very components form an effective model of environmental process management.

    Ukrenergo strictly adheres to environmental legislation and permit conditions (for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, special water use, waste management, etc.).

    The environmental management system is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use”. In 2019, Ukrenergo successfully passed recertification audit and obtained Certificate No 472126 UM15.

    We integrate the world’s best environmental practices into our work: we carry out energy efficiency measures, sell industrial waste for reuse, implement separate collection of household waste and so on.

    The company’s ecologists have developed a system of internal environmental monitoring of Ukrenergo’s activities, which is introduced in a separate business process effectively implemented in the company. An ecological passport has been created for each Ukrenergo’s subdivision, and our specialists use them in their work.

    Ukrenergo implements the concept of “green office” at its facilities, in particular, switches to the use of electric vehicles, paper and stationery from recycled materials, uses power- and resource-saving technologies, etc.

    In order to effectively integrate the IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E, Ukrenergo is planning to reconstruct more than 100 facilities. However, before implementing any project, Ukrenergo studies in detail the potential impact of its activities on the community and the environment taking into account the possible load on soils, relief, water resources, atmosphere, flora and fauna. In order to minimize the impact during reconstruction and construction of power objects, Ukrenergo develops special plans of measures and ensures fulfillment of Plans of social and environmental management on the territories of the company. In addition, the company participates in preparing “Environmental impact assessment”.

    NPC Ukrenergo conducts active ecological and educational activities. Our ecologists regularly meet with students and deliver training lectures, workshops, and practical classes on ecology. Employees of the company talk about the features of environmental management in the energy sector.

    Ukrenergo sets high environmental and social standards not only for itself, but also for the contractors. Specialists in ecology and corporate social responsibility conduct training seminars and workshops for their partners, introduce the principles of sustainable development of the United Nations, which the company adheres to.  We urge all our stakeholders to follow responsible business principles and work without harming the environment.