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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    In today’s world, social responsibility is a generally accepted rule. Our social responsibility is aimed at observing high standards of operating and production activities, social standards and quality of personnel management, and at minimizing harmful environmental impact.

    These aspects of the Company’s activity are regulated mostly by ISO 9000 standards, which Ukrenergo confirms every year.


    Key Achievements

    • introduction of joint master’s programmes in collaboration with higher education institutions
    • four new motivational and educational projects
    • expansion of corporate volunteering
    • Partnership for Sustainability Award

    Ukrenergo’s corporate educational project “Ukrenergo Laboratories” became a finalist in the competition of UN Global Compact partnership projects. Ukrenergo received the award for its contribution to the formation of the high-quality education and promotion of the state economic development.

    • Responsible Business Certificate

    Ukrenergo was recognised as the most responsible state-owned company. We have received the Responsible Business Certificate from the UN Global Compact and Green Business Ukraine for achievements in the social and ecological areas.

    • Diploma from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

    Ukrenergo received a Diploma from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine for our significant contribution to the Ukrainian youth development and our proactive role in the implementation of the Ukrainian Pact for Youth — 2020.

    • Awards of the Women of Ukrainian Energy Sector competition

    In the Women of Ukrainian Energy Sector competition, Ukrenergo received the “Company of the Year”award for the introduction of equal rights and opportunities in the Company. Oksana Chikalo, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, took second place in the “Leader of the Year” category for professional implementation of CSR practices in the Company, improvement of the environmental management system, and promotion of the energy sector among girls.

    100% use of recycled paper

    In 2019, NPC Ukrenergo was the first among state-owned companies to make a transition to 100% use of recycled paper as part of the implementation of the “green office” concept. Two years back, the first steps towards the “green office” were the introduction of the electronic document management, and later the company switched to double-sided printing, smaller font and narrowed margins of documents thus significantly reducing the volumes of used paper and saving money for its purchase. Being conscious of natural resources, the Company introduced the motivating statistics service on the corporate portal, which shows how much paper is used by each employee for printing and how many trees were needed to make it. When procuring stationery and print work the Company also gives preference to recycled products.

    We have introduced a pilot project of the separate collection of household waste.

    -4 t — reduced methane emissions due to separate collection of household waste

    A series of educational events and training sessions have been introduced to learn from the best international practices of the “green office” concept. Future plans include further implementation of “green office” measures and tailoring the corporate culture of the responsible attitude to the use of natural resources.

    One of Ukrenergo’s most important CSR projects are Ukrenergo laboratories aimed at implementing Ukrenergo’s strategic goals of promoting education and science for the needs of the energy sector. Under the project, Ukrenergo in collaboration with universities is improving the quality of practical training of qualified personnel both for the needs of the Company and for the energy sector as a whole.

    ˂3,000 — number of people participating in the Ukrenergo Laboratories project

    • Collaboration with universities

    Ukrenergo specialists shared their up-to-date technical expertise and professional experience in grid development, automation, IT-infrastructure as part of the joint master’s programme “Trunk Power Grids:Control, Operation and Development” with students of Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy named after О. Beketov.  Students could consolidate their knowledge and see how the power industry works through practical classes at substations. Best students got the opportunity to prepare their theses under the guidance of the Company’s top managers. It helped future power engineers to achieve a high level of practical significance of their projects, and in the long run to get real opportunities for their performance in the power sector.

    The company’s interest in collaboration with non-core universities, in particular with the Institute of International Relations, is driven by Ukrenergo’s development strategy for the power system integration into ENTSO-E. In the context of intensive changes in technologies of production, transmission and distribution of electricity, in systems and means of monitoring and management of the power system, there is a rapidly increasing need in not only specific technical specialists but also in specialists of related areas of expertise  based on the international experience and best international practices. Therefore, Ukrenergo signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and started a joint project in the English language master’s programme “Environment and Energy Security”. Ukrenergo specialists conduct practical classes, give lectures and use case studies providing the best possible match of the knowledge acquired by students to the actual needs of the market.

    30 lectures for more than 1,200 students

    At the same time, IIR professors conducted a series of master classes for the Company’s employees on business etiquette, geopolitical risks, etc.


    • Motivational and Educational Projects

    Ukrainian Pact for Youth — 2020

    Ukrenergo signed the Ukrainian Pact for Youth — 2020 that was initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Centre for the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility and the United Nations Population Fund. The aim of the project is to facilitate resolution of problems of education and employment for young people. Under the Pact, the Company’s specialists created motivational videos on career building and participated in All-Ukrainian projects for youth development. Specifically, at the All-Ukrainian Youth Forum “Business Youth: WOW Effect of Cooperation” our employees presented the Company and provided business cases to students. For Ukrenergo, participation in the Pact is an opportunity to motivate young people and realize their potential in the energy sector of Ukraine, to help provide the industry with new quality specialists competitive not only in the Ukrainian but also in the European market.


    Ukrenergo mentored on entrepreneurial skills for youth teams in the UNICEF’s UPSHIFT Ukraine project jointly with the UN Global Compact. The project aims to develop the professional skills of teenagers and young people, improve the employment prospects for socially vulnerable youth affected by military actions in eastern Ukraine, and help social entrepreneurship projects address social and environmental issues in local communities. The team led by Ukrenergo won and received a grant for the environmental project implementation.

    The State Creator

    Ukrenergo became a participant in the All-Ukrainian Programme “The State Creator”, initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. The Programme is implemented jointly with the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the United Nations  Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine. Ukrenergo held training and motivational meetings for 100 best students from all over Ukraine, 20 of whom visited Ukrenergo and saw how the company works from the inside. Two best students spent a working day with the Company’s top manager. Such actions are aimed at making young people proactive and involving them in reforming the state and state-building processes.

    STEM Girls

    Ukrenergo’s new initiative is the STEM Girls Programme together with the CSR Development Centre. The project is aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes in choosing a profession and promoting technical specialties among young girls. Ukrenergo’s women working in the energy sector held inspiring meetings with schoolgirls. Our employees also joined external events aimed at inspiring girls to build future careers in the energy sector (including Ukrenergo).

    In 2019, Ukrenergo has significantly extended corporate volunteering and it is the common achievement of all those who joined the “Saving Energy of Your Blood” donor project. Last year encompassed 2 stages of the project (spring and autumn).  The strategic goal of the project is to promote voluntary blood donation in Ukraine and to involve in donation as many companies as possible. Ukrenergo employees from all divisions of the Company donated their blood for hospitals’ current needs in donor blood. The bulk of the blood collected is sent to sick children, new mothers and wounded servicemen all over Ukraine.


    23 cities and towns;

    6 Memoranda with various medical institutions of Ukraine;

    about 1,000 donors;

    400 litres of collected blood — the opportunity to save more than 3,000 lives;

    4 companies are engaged in the project;

    In Kyiv, the Company cooperates with the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery.   In other cities— with local medical institutions and blood transfusion centres.

    Gender equality is an integral part of Ukrenergo’s corporate social responsibility.

    Main tasks in this area are the development of policies and procedures for gender and age diversity and diversification by nationality, and their implementation in the recruitment process, including increasing the female representation in management roles of various levels. Achieving the gender balance and ensuring equal opportunities is a component of the development of the personnel management system.

    To this end, in 2019, Ukrenergo held a number of measures:

    • review of the Collective Agreement for gender non-discrimination;
    • “Gender portrait of Ukrenergo” study;
    • a series of training sessions on the gender knowledge development with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID);
    • 30 employees received certificates that allow them to conduct training on gender equality and non-discrimination.

    branch connections, join CSR programmes and activities and share experience, in 2019 Ukrenergo established partnerships with:

    • UN Global Compact in Ukraine
    • Centre for the CSR Development
    • Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine
    • NGO Eco-Marathon Green Business Ukraine
    • NGO Women’s Energy Club of Ukraine
    • US Agency for International Development, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving