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    Since 2010, we have been publishing Annual Reports taking into account the main principles of corporate social responsibility. And in 2018, Ukrenergo became one of the first national state-owned companies, which prepared and published the Sustainability Report for 2017 in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

    NPC Ukrenergo’s Sustainability Report for 2019 covers key results achieved by the Company during the year in two fundamentally different circumstances, namely within the old model of the electricity market and within the European market conditions since 1 July. Therefore, the document puts a lot of emphasis on the new model of electricity market in Ukraine and Ukrenergo’s place, role, functions and achievements in it. New challenges of 2019 highlighted in the Report cover the issues of cybersecurity and integration of renewable energy sources into the power system.

    All data summarising the Company’s operations are presented in a transparent and clear form. The priority aspects highlighted in the Report cover the issues that are among the most important for all stakeholders, including the reliability and security of electricity supply, key investment projects and grid development, actions implemented for the integration of the Ukrainian power system into the ENTSO-E, transparency of procurement, environmental footprint and energy saving, personnel development and initiatives of the Company in the area of corporate social responsibility, as well as compliance and prevention of corruption.

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