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    You may contact us:

    by e-mail at:


    • for media:

    • Investor Contacts:

    By phone:

    For general issues:

    +380 (44) 238-38-38

    For electricity market participants:

    +380 (44) 238-37-00

    By mailing us at:

    25 Symona Petliury str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01032

    Requirements to written inquiries

    Your inquiry must include:

      • your full name;
      • your residence address;
      • description of inquiry, suggestion, statement, request, complaint or demand;
      • your signature;
      • date.

    In addition to the aforementioned requirements, online inquiries must also include your e-mail address or other means of contacting you.

    Written (including online) inquiries not containing the author’s residence address or signature, and inquiries whose authorship cannot be determined are considered anonymous and will be discarded.