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    The Compliance Program of NPC Ukrenergo, approved by the NEURC, establishes measures to avoid discrimination by the Transmission System Operator (TSO) and responsibilities of the Company’s employees to achieve this goal. According to the Law of Ukraine “On the Electricity Market” (Article 364), this document determines the measures to monitor the TSO compliance with requirements for unbundling and independence and is a prerequisite for certification of Ukrenergo as a European-type System Operator according to the ISO (Independent System Operator) model.

    The adopted document determines measures to achieve the following goals:

    • TSO compliance with requirements for unbundling of production, distribution, supply of electricity and trading operation;
    • ensuring TSO independence from the owner of the transmission system in performing its functions under the laws and observing transparent and non-discriminatory relations between them;
    • ensuring TSO independence from other market participants in decision-making;
    • observing the requirements for TSO non-discriminatory actions towards participants of the electricity market, etc.

    The Compliance Program also establishes measures to monitor the non-discriminatory operation of the Transmission System Operator. The implementation of the Compliance Program shall be monitored by the Compliance Officer reporting to the Regulator. The Program also establishes the powers, functions and responsibilities of the Compliance Officer.

    Compliance Programme of Private Joint-Stock Company National Power Company Ukrenergo