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    The document was endorsed by the Ministry of Finance (Order No. 45 of 29 January 2021) in accordance the National Code of Corporate Governance of Ukraine approved by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market in 2020.

    The corporate governance standards implemented in the Code are applied in national and international practice and comply with the Corporate Governance Guidelines of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the current legislation of Ukraine, and generally accepted standards of ethical conduct.

    They are implemented to increase the transparency and expedite the decision-making process in the Company, facilitate its strategic development and investment efficiency, protect the national economic interests and focus on people who are the main asset of the enterprise.

    NPC Ukrenergo’s Corporate Governance Code

    Main goal of the Regulation on Information policy of NPC “SE «NPC «Ukrenergo» amounts to creation of the public, transparent and open European
    transmission system operator , which operation meets the best international practices of the corporate business as well as the principles of the EU legislation, in particular, of  EU`s “Third Energy Package”

    Information policy of the SE “NPC ‘Ukrenergo”

    Corporate social responsibility is a strategic area of ​​activity of NPC Ukrenergo, which provides for fair treatment of its employees, safe working conditions, environment care and transparent interaction with communities.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the SE “NPC ‘Ukrenergo” (UA)