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    National Power Company Ukrenergo is a private joint stock company with 100% state-owned shares, managed by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. Ukrenergo is the transmission system operator of Ukraine with the functions of operational and technological control of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine (IPS), transmission of electricity via trunk power grids from generation to distribution networks, as well as commercial metering administrator and settlement administrator in the electricity market of Ukraine.

    Ukrenergo ensures:

    • the balance of production and consumption of electricity and capacity in the power system in real time;
    • the operation and development of trunk and interstate power grids;
    • the parallel operation of the power system of Ukraine with the power systems of neighbouring countries;
    • the technical possibility of export / import of electricity to 4 countries of the European Union and neighbouring countries.

    NPC Ukrenergo’s organisational structure* is based on the regional principle and consists of 4 territorial administrations (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western) which include 15 regional grid maintenance centres (RGMC). There are 6 regional dispatch centres (RDC) performing dispatch control functions. There are also two specialized separated subdivisions: Budivnytstvo i remont (Construction and Repair) and Ukrenergoservice responsible for logistical and service support of Ukrenergo.

    Our personnel of above 7 thousand employees maintain unique high-tech equipment of 103** substations of 220-750 kV and over 19 thousand kilometers of trunk and interstate transmission lines, which annually transmit hundreds of billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity from generation to distribution networks.

    Ukrenergo builds new substations and transmission lines, reconstructs the operating ones to enhance the efficiency and reliability of power grids, ensure additional nuclear generating capacity and RES integration into the power system, and provide technical compliance with the standards and requirements of ENTSO-E. Annual investments reach up to UAH 5 billion.

    Ukrenergo raises credit funds from the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank and the German KfW Group to implement the largest and most resource-intensive projects.

    The loan portfolio of Ukrenergo amounts to 1.4 billion euros.

    Ukrenergo has been actively working on a strategic goal – integration of the IPS of Ukraine into the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, ENTSO-E. On 28 June 2017, the Agreement on the conditions for the future interconnection of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the power system of Continental Europe was signed. Since then, the company has been systematically moving towards the integration roadmap implementation. An operational agreement on the establishment of a joint Ukraine/Moldova control unit has been signed.

    Based on the results of 2020, Ukrenergo has fully completed the data collection and preparation for building a mathematical model of the Ukrainian power system and studying its steady state and dynamic stability during synchronous operation with the European power system.

    In October 2020, final data for such studies was provided to ENTSO-E Consortium consisting of six European TSOs, namely 50Hertz (Germany), PSE S.A. (Poland), MAVIR (Hungary), SEPS (Slovakia), Transelectrica (Romania), and EMC (Serbia).

    The Consortium confirmed the data sufficiency and, according to the Service Contract concluded with Ukrenergo in 2019, in the second half of 2021, it should complete steady state and dynamic stability studies of the power system and determine the technical possibility of the synchronous operation of the IPS of Ukraine with the ENTSO-E Continental Europe power system.

    In 2020, the Catalogue of Measures for the Integration of the IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E was updated in accordance with the requirements of the EU network codes and ENTSO-E Synchronous Area Framework Agreement (SAFA), which replaced the earlier Operation Handbook (a collection of rules and recommendations for the operation of ENTSO-E network).

    Also, while preparing the IPS of Ukraine for synchronization with ENTSO-E, Ukrenergo implements many projects for construction and rehabilitation of power grids to improve the resilience of power supply to border areas and the operation of interconnectors.

    Ukrenergo made every effort to ensure the formation of secondary legislation on the functioning of the new model of the electricity market, as well as introduced the Market management system (MMS) platform for the purchase/sale of electricity in the balancing market and the ancillary services market.

    Ukrenergo is one of the key players in the electricity market, which performs the functions of the administrator of commercial metering and the administrator of settlements, as well as its obligations to ensure the public interest (PSO) in the functioning of the electricity market.

    Ukrenergo expands the scope of international cooperation to adopt the world’s best practices during technological upgrades, as well as institutional and corporate reforms in the company. In 2018, an independent Supervisory Board and a full-fledged compliance office were established.

    In 2019 the company was corporatised.

    Our quality management, environmental protection and occupational safety systems meet the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. The integrated management system, including separated subdivisions, meets the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. In 2021, Ukrenergo’s information security management system was certified in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

    *New organisational structure of NPC Ukrenergo was approved on July, 28, 2021

    **Excluding 32 substations and a number of transmission lines located in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.